Maintaining a Positive Body Image

Positive Body Image

We see ads, commercials,  movies, TV shows, and more portraying perfect individuals daily. They live in an ideal house, have perfect bodies, perfect hair and makeup, have the best relationships with others, and have perfect families. We also see this on social media.

It is no wonder that so many individuals are developing mental health issues, as these standards are quite hard to live up to.  But there are things that you can do to help you maintain a positive body image. You must remember that there are positive and negative things about your body, but these are the things that make you unique. Once you realize this, you will start to become comfortable and confident about how you are.


Body Image

Body image is how you view yourself, both when you see yourself in the mirror and when you think about yourself.

There are various things that affect body image:

  • How you feel about your entire body. This includes your weight, height, and the shape of your body.
  • What are your beliefs about your appearance? You may or may not see a so-called right image in your mind.
  • As you move your body, how does it feel to you?


Beliefs and stereotypes of your own and other individuals can also affect your body image. Even if you possess a positive body image, it does not mean that you think you have the perfect body.

Rather, it means that you accept who you are, flaws and all. You celebrate how your body works, what your body is, your size, and your shape.  If you possess a positive body image, you understand that how you look has nothing to do with your character or your ability to do things. Confidence is something those with a positive body image own, along with being comfortable with themselves. They know it is a waste of time to sit and worry about body image.


How to Have a Positive Body Image

There are three elements a person needs to have to possess a positive body image.


Good Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is linked to body image. Those who have higher self-esteem will feel better about themselves, thus having a positive body image. On the contrary, those who have a negative body image will have lower self-esteem.

To switch from low self-esteem to good self-esteem, you should focus on things that are right instead of things that are wrong.


Positive Attitude

By thinking positively, you can alter your life. Sound too good to be true? Consider the placebo effect. Many new medical trials are using this phenomenon.

Three groups of patients are generally involved in a clinical trial. One group will be provided a new medication, while the second is given something that looks like the new drug but has no effect, which is known as a placebo. The third is given no medication at all. Physicians frequently find that the participants who took the non-effective medication display signs of improvement. Many trials have documented this. There isn’t any clinical reason for this improvement because no active ingredients were in the medicine they were provided. The only conclusion is that these participants improve because they think they’re being provided a  drug that will make them improve. This is the placebo effect and demonstrates the force a person’s mind has.


Emotional Stability

To have a positive body image, you need to have control over your emotions.

There will be times when a person may say something negative about your body. While this can be upsetting, you need to realize that you can not let those feelings affect how you feel about yourself. Once you begin to let those feelings upset you, you will be more apt to have a negative body image.


Positive Body Image Activities

If you need help with positive body image, consider trying one of the following activities:

  • Make a list of eight to ten things that you truly love about yourself.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel good.
  • Surround yourself with positive people in your life.
  • Do daily affirmations, such as saying to yourself every day that you love your body, you are worth it, etc.

Poor Body Image Equals Bad Health

If you have a poor body image over a long period of time, you can begin to develop mental illnesses. These include depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. If you feel that your poor body image is causing you to have any mental illness, seek help from a professional.